Monday, March 14, 2011

2 Peter 3

Since all these things are thus to be dissolved, what sort of people ought you to be in lives of holiness and godliness...

These words follow the reminder that the world previously was deluged by water and perished.  In light of the recent earthquake in Japan and subsequent tsunami, I am struck by God's challenge and direction to me through Peter, that old fisherman.

How am I to live in a world where I did not perish in a flood or earthquake?  It could have been me.  Why wasn't it?  What is my response to a God who even the winds and the waves obey?

I understand the that the current events are an opportunity for repentance for did He spare me and not others? Let me turn even more directly to godliness and holiness.  Let me set no unclean thing before my eyes or my mind's eye.  Let me encourage my sisters and brothers in the faith towards repentance as well.  

Everyday we live is one day closer to the end of either my life or this life.  Why don't I live in the urgency of the day?  As a pregnant momma begins her work of delivering her baby, she behaves in a way which is markedly different from other days.  The arrival of this day may surprise her; but she has known to anticipate this time for a while.  This momma knows to not pig-out as that may come back up.  She knows not to zip out of town or try to have a pedicure.  She maybe even dresses differently.  She orders her steps and makes careful arrangements; maybe even working from the plans for this day she made earlier.  As the pains increase in frequency and duration, her thoughts become increasingly focused on the task at hand...fewer things have her attention...more and more fades into the periphery.  That clarity of focus becomes brighter and more defined as the time draws nearer and nearer.  

Since I know on Whom and what I am supposed to be focused; WHY do I dawdle in the remaining time?  Why don't I make every effort to grow in the grace and knowledge of my Lord Jesus Christ and glorify Him with my life and passion?  Why is there a crowd allowed in the attention room of my heart?

Lord God,  Thank You for Your kindest mercy, Your unknowable Ways and Your incredible Majesty. Teach me repentance.  Help me turn from the passions of this temporal place to the glories of Your Name.  Keep me there.  I want my life to be holy and godly; but I fail.  You prevail.  Holy Spirit, prevail in me, through me.   I want to grow in the knowledge and grace of my Lord and Savior; cultivate me.  Be my Passion.  Be my Heart.  Be my All.  And use me to encourage and rally my brothers and sisters in the faith for this singular purpose.

"We just did not expect such a thing to happen. It's just overwhelming."  a quote from H. Sato of Japan.  What so hits me in this is the blending of mercy and judgment from my Perfect God.  There are those that hit death square on when this occurred.  Some were ready, some were not.  Some thought they were and were wrong.  God had determined before time that this was to be.  Those that are left have an opportunity to turn from their expectations to God.

 I feel a need to pray for those who have been left behind...that they not be overwhelmed by the events so much that they miss God.  And I cannot imagine what they are experiencing in the wake of such an event; but I know that God is there and still drawing as He wants none to perish.  And, as I think about those left behind, I realize that I am in those ranks.  You are, too.  We are those to whom mercy accorded us more time.  What will you do with it?  They did not expect such a thing to happen to them...where are we blinded by our expectations and beliefs about what can and cannot happen?  

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