Monday, March 7, 2011

1 Timothy 5 Lifestyles and Legacies

A couple of challenges hit me from this passage.  One regards some of the requirements of a widow authorized to have church support.  She must:

  •  have a reputation for good works - not a bad reputation for good works, half works or no works
  • have brought up children - not necessarily her own flesh and blood offspring...also, perhaps spiritual children are implied
  •  demonstrate hospitality to strangers - gracious hostess to folks she doesn't know, not rude nor insular
  • washed saint's feet - humble and particular service to those with dirty feet, also gracious service (and there are a whole lot of saints out there)
  • helped those who needed help when they needed help 
  • be devoted to every good work, not lazy nor procrastinating - not sold out to mediocrity
If these qualities are not cultivated in a woman's life, then idleness, gossiping, being a busybody are likely to be nurtured instead.  I recognize this passage refers to widows; but all widows began as wives, and before that as females.   So, I am warned about my daily life and passions as they project a future course.  Additionally, I am charged with encouraging others to devote themselves to every good work, too. 
And when the busybody goes to someone's home, it could be mine. I must be about the right activities and prepared to appeal and encourage her as I should...not to join her in the idle lifestyle and tantalizing gossip.

The opportunities discussed in this scripture are based solely on the woman's behavior and performance...not who she knows, who she married...

A lifestyle is a legacy in the making...some sins beat you to the judgment, some arrive when you do...good deeds can precede or accompany you, too...what is the legacy I want?  What is the reputation I wish to build?      It's happening now.  

Father God, You alone define purity and wholeness.  I want to be about the things which honor and glorify You, knowing that those things are pure and right and true.  My attention is often derailed by the things and the shineys of this world which redirect my focus and heart from You towards me, towards stuff, towards time.  I want a lifestyle which proves You...proves that You are sufficient and abundant for a girl.  I don't want to be famous for "almost".   You are my Fame.  I want to be faithful in lifestyle and legacy to You, the Only Wise God.  Please help me to live the life You created for me...I cannot do it without You.

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