Sunday, October 28, 2012

2 Kings 1

Thank You Father for Your privilege and provision for prayer and intercessors.  Thank You Jesus that You intercede for me and thank You Holy Spirit for Your intervention, too.  Thank You my God for Your revelation of Yourself to me, of drawing me to You and giving me faith to come to You.  I thank You that You distinguish Yourself from the lesser gods in this world., that I don't have to "send out" to another region for wisdom, that You are the Most High God, King of the Universe and All Creation and that You are mine and I am Yours.   Please help me not to seek my answers from You in a second-hand fashion, though.  When I need an answer, may I go directly to You, Your Word and Your Spirit for the response.  Please help me to be transparent and humble to ask others for help in praying; but not for them to be responsible for my direction. 

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