Friday, October 12, 2012

1 Kings 7

Lord, the details and dimensions are amazing.  You wanted these details remembered for all time, the enormity of the work, the measurements, the capacities....  Wow.  All the years and all the resources and all the man-hours culminate in the phrase, "Thus all the work ... was finished."  Then, Solomon brought those precious items his father had held sacred for You and deposited them in the place he had worked so diligently to make for You and for them.  The dedication to this work and then for him to be able to see the work completed, to participate in the installment of the treasures for You - what a privilege You gave David's boy.  How seriously he held his responsibility.  God, I thank You for this picture of devotion, sacrifice and faithfulness for Your great Name.  May I be found faithful to continue the work given to me, may I see it through to the finish (or however long You grant me to labor), may I maintain the careful attention to detail , the excellent craftsmanship worthy of Your Kingdom's work and the high quality service to Your Name and Your purpose.  Also, may I recognize when I need to call in an expert, and not be deceived in thinking that I can do the entire body of work.  Finally, may my work bring glory to Your Name, to Your Kingdom and to Your will.  Thank You Lord that You gave peace to Solomon that he might have sufficient opportunity to build without distraction or additional cost.  May I serve You well in the various seasons You provide me; making the most of each opportunity.

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