Thursday, October 25, 2012

1 Kings 20

Lord, I pray I find my confidence in You.  That I would not easily nor willingly agree to give to the enemy that which You have entrusted to me.  God, please keep me from consenting to a pillaging by the one who hates You.  I am glad to see the elders and the people hindered King Ahab from willfully opening his treasures to his enemy; but God, where do I give assent in a similar fashion, how do I throw away spiritual honors, gifts and jewel, what am I agreeing to that I should not?  And, when I am asked, as the prophet requested a local to strike him, to do a difficult thing, a distasteful thing, a demanding thing, may I seek Your perspective before I refuse.  God, help me to not miss Your invitation, Your call to action or prayer, You.  Don't let my wisdom, experience and culture blind me to what You bestow on me.

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