Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Acts 28

Paul has just survived the shipwreck, the incredible Euraquila typhoon strength storm, lack of food, threats of death, swimming to land and possibly lack of sleep.  As the natives kindle a fire and kindly and warmly welcome the ship's passengers on that cold, rainy night, we find Paul gathering wood for the fire.  Why can't he just pass out like the rest of the people?  Like I would.  He's not laying around trying to warm himself, rest or even regale others with tales of his perspective on the epic loss of ship.  The man, with a thorn in his side, is working and serving.

He continues to serve and employ his spiritual gifts to the benefit of others.  The group he travels with seems to be a bit smaller throughout the rest of this passage, (but that is speculative on my part), and yet he still makes great the Name of Christ.  

We leave this chapter with him continuing to speak out the grace and mercy of Christ while under 24-hour guard.  He's not penning his last thoughts or experiences of being a shipwreck survivor, hoping for a book deal, suing the ship's owners, nor seeking therapy from the great philosophers.  He is witnessing of God His Father and the Lord Jesus Christ for any that would hear.  Does the man not get tired?  Run down?  Need sleep?

Father, I am so addicted to comfort and sleep...You know, "cozy" is a verb in my home.   I need Your strength.  I need You to manifest greatly Yourself over the seduction of rest and for You to truly be my Consolation.  I confess, that the comfort is excessive, indulgent and rather luxurious; it is not a relief from any pain or injury nor an assuagement for distress or discomfort.  I desire to be lazy...to just get to the weekend so I can do what I want.  That is not the heart of a slave of God.  Please cultivate in me the slave-mentality which is so foreign to me and the urgency with which Your true slaves are known.  God, all I am is Yours, all I do is for You, and all my time is Yours (there is no off-the-clock time)...and please help me to be glad and gracious in that slavery

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