Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Acts 27

Perhaps it's because I think I have the super-hero power of invisibility, (pretty sure it's not a spiritual gift), that I noticed Paul lacking sufficient influence to affect the course of the ship despite having a word of wisdom regarding the trip.  He even had the concurrent testimony of the weather to bolster his admonition; yet, he was overruled, ignored, not heeded.  The voyage continued and it didn't work out so well for those which rebuffed his warning.

Why would the LORD give Paul future knowledge and the liberty to speak it without the accompanying pull to benefit from it?  I can imagine a couple of answers; but what I can observe directly from this passage is God will let His precious child experience risk, harm and hardship because of another's rejection of Him or His Word.  From my understanding of the story, God did not "fastpass" the suffering and danger, either.

Another observation is the respectful fashion in which Paul responded to the refusal of the wisdom.  He did not have a fit, threaten them with doom or even repeat himself.  He pitched the warning and accepted their answer.  His calm demeanor in the face of troubling plans challenges me to better conduct.  How many times do I repeat myself? How do I trust God's words and His timing when my cloak of invisibility is concealing any authority I may have in a given situation?  What habits can I adopt to operate in trust and belief rather than frustration and fear?

Sovereign King of the Universe, I praise You for You are never in a predicament.  I know that all details are Yours, nothing escapes Your notice or plan.  I am constantly mystified and surprised by how Your ways are not my ways, even when I am seeking Your ways.  Lord, my Provider, please forgive me for allowing my meager understanding of a situation to trump the grandeur of the scene You have authored.  Help me to never think that I have enough of the picture that I can run with it...I need You to direct my every step, opportunity, prayer...breath.  Let all that I am comply joyfully with Your story.

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