Monday, April 30, 2012

2 Samuel 21

Merab was first promised to David; but he was prevented from taking her as his wife.  If she had gone with him, would their children be in danger with this request?  I love how God just cuts that situation right out of play with the preemptive groom switch (and the subsequent barrenness of Michal).  It may have been hard back then; but it would have proven much more difficult emotionally, politically later.  Thank You God for Your preemptive provisions - especially when I do not understand them.  Please increase my faith and trust in the goodness of Your hand and increase my scope of spiritual vision to comprehend the grace You afford me and others.  Lord, You are good and what You do it good, right and perfect.  I praise You for Your Omni-omni-omni'd-ness.  You are All in All.

I love, God, how You divinely allow the giants to continue to be a threat; but You continue to grant the victory.  I praise You for Your unfailing faithfulness.  I praise You for those You gave to protect David; as he sought You, You looked out for Him in the small and large ways.  Your plans are not messed with nor ever foiled.  Only You.

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