Friday, April 13, 2012

2 Samuel 4

Ish-bosheth - Man of shame
Mephibosheth - Exterminating the idol  (Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon)

Curious the name Saul gave to his son, and even curiouser the name Saul's grandson had.  Because of the similarities, it seemed perhaps the grandson had been named after the uncle .... With the meanings, it just sends my mind a wondering.

Lord, I don't know why the names were what they were; but somehow in the telling of the bloody and treacherous demise of Ish-bosheth, You divinely include, almost as a tangent (and I praise You that You have sacred tangents), an interlude of Mephibosheth, the five year old.  I am blessed by Your literary and historical interruption; but I am also challenged that every detail is important to You.  That while significant matters of state, deeds of deception and concerns of corruption occur, You are in full awareness of the injuries and accidents of little ones.  Nothing escapes Your attention, Your plan, Your design.  While You allow the evil to flourish and You allow misadventures to unfold; nothing that comes to pass or fails to be revealed is random.  Not one thing is happenstance, mischance, oops.  Every encounter, stumble, nap, relationship, betrayal has a purpose in Your holy schedule.  May I trust You more in these oh, so difficult and seemingly unfair times.  God, I want to believe Your hand is good at these collisions of reality and my expectations; because I know You are good.  May I react first in praise and secondly in trust - where I have more and more reasons to trust You and in You.  Your Name is Jesus and I need a Savior.  You are that Savior.  May this truth illumine my every thought, plan and reaction.  I praise You!

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