Friday, April 20, 2012

2 Samuel 11

In the spring, at the time when kings go off to war …

Lord, Commander of All, please help me to not believe that there is a time of year for war and that I can schedule it. May I always remember that the battle is 1. always Yours, 2. relentlessly ongoing, 3. ever present, 4. significantly precedent of all things in my life except my relationship with You. Don’t let me be deceived into thinking that it is about me, either. Keep me from judging that the battle is in one arena, for something else; lest i begin walking in weakness in my personal life. And when I screw things up completely, please help me to run to You. May Your praises ever be on my lips when I walk the “strong” walls of my familiar territory. Keep my heart as Yours. Keep my mind on You. Keep my passions and devotion bound up with Your Name. You are the King, You are the Warrior, You are the Authority. Holy Spirit, please align my heart, soul and mind with the Glorious, Sacred, the Divine. To You and Your rule – to the praise of Your Name.

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