Monday, April 2, 2012

1 Samuel 24

I am still struck by David's conversations with God; he does not seek a holy man to make inquiry for him, he talks with the Lord, Himself.  And David listens to God and follows God's instructions.  Even when men, trusted men, exhort him to act on his own, Dave still heeds his God's words - despite the fact they were spoken in the past.  God, I want to listen and comply like David.  Help me to remember Your words, Your promises, Your provision that I would live the trust life not the trust-fund life.    You are my Wisdom, my Strength, my Shield.

I am still saddened by Saul's missing God.  He sees David as the one who saved him and does not turn his eyes nor his praise to the Lord.  Saul knows the language; but he has not the relationship.   LORD God of All, please help me to never see people more than I see You in my life.  I desire to pursue knowing You with all of my heart; but I often get distracted by the personnel and problems which come my way.  Lord, You are the One who directs the hearts of kings, so certainly You direct the hearts of commoners.  Please direct my heart, Holy Spirit, that I may see first my God everywhere, in every circumstance and then see the physical.  Divine Instructor, teach me to relate in the spiritual preemptively that I may triumph in the physical, for the praise and fame of the Sovereign King of the Universe.  Lord Jesus, I seek Your example to be my discipline.   May I walk in Your yielded and noble path, bringing You glory and blessing.  Not my name; but Yours. 

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