Sunday, April 29, 2012

2 Samuel 20

Joab was over Israel’s entire army...

Joab was able to speak frank truth to the king, he had a heart for his men and the country, he knew how to be a warrior, how to listen to wisdom (even from a woman), represent the goal and move towards it wisely yet circumspectly. He could do well the difficult things war and soldiering demand of a person. He was soldier-smart. I hope he knew God.

Lord, You have given us, those made in Your image, tremendous potential and we can do well many things. However, the most important thing is knowing You, responding to You, heeding You. Without You, we will only impact this temporal realm – and not for Your Kingdom. I echo Paul, please let me consider, prioritize, emphasize all that I have, can do, have done or am associated with be nothing compared to You and without You. I need You to teach me how to live with You as and at my life’s center. May I make You famous as Joab did David, hearten me for the difficult tasks, strengthen me and grant me discernment that i not make it about me.

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