Monday, April 23, 2012

2 Samuel 14

God, I see such passion and strength in this family, one cousin sets up a (bad, bad) scenario for his cousins, another nephew cares for his uncle, a son cared for his sister’s cause, a cousin works for reconciliation of his family members, a son is banished, fields are burned in retort. I am reminded of the quote “with great power must come greater responsibility.” Good choices were not always made – despite the intentions. I know, my Lord, that You see my intentions; but I am responsible for my actions, too. I do not want to have a scorched earth policy when it comes to my friends, family and spiritual siblings. Only You know how to wield power perfectly, how to evoke the right responses, how to bring glory to Your Name without sullying it. I need Your wisdom, Your properly placed and prioritized passions, Your plan for life, else I will burn, banish and batter Your Name, people and the opportunities You place before me. Purify my emotions, my motives and my heart – me. Help me, in stillness and trust, to wait and cooperate with Your holy, sacred cleansing work. May I walk according to Your way-everlasting, glorify Your Name alone and serve You faithfully in word, deed, thought and strength. You, and no other.

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