Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1 Samuel 25

He was a Calebite.

Not from the house of Judah nor of the Kenizzites; Nabal was of the house of Caleb.  Just as Caleb's actions echoed through history, so did the exploits, enterprises and etiquette of Nabal and Abigail.  Then we see Saul, who has just made up with David and acknowledged David's coming kingship taking away Saul's own daughter and princess from the man (who is married to her already) who will be king.  Saul says he knows David will be king; but Saul removes his link to the throne.  His conduct and maneuvers reveal a great deal more of his beliefs than his words.

Behavior speaks from the heart.  Performance tells on the heart.  What a girl does displays what a girl thinks, believes, prioritizes...what she fears, values and reveres. 

Lord, may my actions, my practices, my patterns, my peculiarities speak of faith in You.  May my conduct and deeds reveal a trusting heart, one which RESTS in Your perfection and Name.  Please keep me from resisting Your hand.  Holy Spirit, so inhabit my mind and self that You are the knee-jerk reaction, not me.  None of me.  Even when I want to wrest the arrangements back into my (faithless) hands, keep me still, reminding me that You alone are God - I can't afford to be anything, nothing but still before You.

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