Monday, December 12, 2011

Matthew 2:13-23

I love the obedience of Joseph and the wise-men.  They had their own intelligence, reason and logic, the direction of the government, the orders of the king; but when God issued a countermand to what they were doing - they just did it.  
Lord God, may I hear and obey Your words as evenly and naturally as these honorable men, these Jesus-seeking worshipers.  May I be more responsive to You as I bear Your Spirit, a holy privilege and responsibility.


  1. I love your prayers, Soraya, I'm learning from you. Love and blessings, Joan.

  2. Joan, I enjoy Soraya's posts, too. I am so impressed and challenged by her child-like response to God. One of God's richest blessings to me is to allow us to be in community and learn with and from each other in light of His Word.

    Thanks again for the Romans 8 reading - by God's grace and my delight, I am up to verse 17.

  3. Joan, I appreciate your gentle way with our Father's words and your creativity on your blog. Thank you for your faithfulness!