Monday, December 26, 2011

Deuteronomy 1

And besides, we have seen the sons of the Anakim there. ...

There was intimidation and concern about the taking possession; but in the midst of the largeness and incomprehension of their task lay fear.  Simple dread consuming any hope of liberty, obedience and blessing.  

And a choice to believe their God.

Lord God, I thank You for these words today.  You know what I have entertained this week.  I seek to walk in obedience; but for some reason, I am experiencing difficulty in finding the way.  I know what You have generally called me to do; but in the exact moment of unfolding Your will in real-time, I am (beyond the concern and general awareness of the difficulties) realizing fear.  Fear of an Anakite.  Like Your children did many years ago.   I don't want respond to that presence or legend or imagination; but You.  It's just that knowing what You desire in the moment gets cloudy, as the desert stirred up by the movement of a mass exodus, and the discerning is increasingly difficult.  I want to honor You.  I desire to obey You and despite the panic inspired by this Anakite; I want to do all that You call me to do today.  This week.  In full view of the Anakite.  To the praise of Your Name.  

Since I acknowledge I struggle in the moments of being in the presence of the Anakite, I come to You now, seeking and believing You will direct my path and light my way when again You allow me to encounter the Anakite.  Give me Your plan, Your steps to follow, Your words to speak in power and humility, Your silence to offer, God, whatever You wish, I want that.  I pray now for clear-minded yieldedness to You and none other...even the goddess of comfort-driven panic that can accompany this situation.  

I thank You for Your grace and wisdom in allowing me this situation.  May I realize and receive/lay down all that You have for me through this.  Lord God, You are my God, whom shall I fear, You are my light, my strength and my song, You are showing me Your salvation.  And Lord, all that You do for me in this situation, please do double for the Anakite according to the need.  May we praise You together, in liberty, love and lowliness soon.

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