Friday, December 16, 2011

Luke 1:26-37

“How can this be, since I am a virgin?”

Not in disbelief; but in fact.  The fact she was and intended to remain pure.  I never caught the chutzpah in this statement before - that she had integrity and desired to maintain it, despite what mindblowing statement had just come to her.  She knew what was right and godly and she did not want to compromise.  Gabriel's explanation assured her that unfolding of God's favor would not (of course!) violate her honor.

Lord, I am encouraged and blessed by Mary's attitude.  It's as if she knew God and what He desired and was sold out to Him, despite what an angel would tell her.  I see in her courage to stand up to Gabriel, humility and tenacity to maintain what was right when possibly tempted to consider a wrong (only by limited human understanding and for a brief moment before the explanation).  I had not ever considered much about Mary's role before and I praise You, Father for showing me these qualities.  How important they are in being a mom.  I wonder if Gabe was delighted at her response after having a bit of an argument with Zechariah.  Cultivate in me, please, that devotion to righteousness, the holy chutzpah to resist even a thought - no matter how appealing and who offers it - of any compromise to what and who I know You have called me to be.  And Lord, the humility to submit to Your gracious words as soon as I hear them.  May You be praised in my life, may Your Name be glorified in my heart and my time through my small life. Thank You again for this insight in to Mary.

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