Thursday, November 24, 2011

Numbers 21

... So Moses prayed for the people.

Lord, please keep me a faithful intercessor for the people - for Your people; for those who don't know they are Yours, yet; for those who have become discouraged, distracted or disobedient to You.  Holy Spirit, keep my heart tuned to You and Your purposes that I may not fall into step with those You entrust to me for prayer.  Lord, may I obey and encourage obedience in others as well.  You healed those who simply looked to the staff with the serpent - who obeyed Your curious instruction.  May I choose obedience rather than judging the feasibility of a divine direction.  I thank You for the baby steps You gave Your people in learning the ancient art of war - I thank You for the baby steps You give me in spiritual realm of war.  May I learn well and battle valiantly for my great King and Sovereign.

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