Monday, November 21, 2011

Numbers 16

One day, church folks - responsible folks, even - conspired with  like-minded others and incited a rebellion against the top leadership.  One day.  

Sovereign Lord God of the Universe, Holy Spirit of my heart - please keep me faithful on the ordinary days, in the long seasons of ordinary, too.  Please stop me from allowing my selfish ways to conspire, incite or rebel.  Lord, never let me see a day as just one day.  It is Yours, as am I.  May I bring You glory.

Moses became angry in this situation and then he interceded for them.  

Oh, LORD God, that I would have humility and a heart to plead for my enemies in the moment when they offend me for dishonoring You, when I am angry and hurt by them, when I have been blameless in my actions and motives.  May I desire You more than myself, my pride, my reasons. 

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  1. What a powerful prayer. Your prayers speak for me and I am reminded of my weaknesses and how easily pride takes over my thoughts and actions when I am not quiet and calm living and breathing in the stillness of the Lord.