Friday, May 25, 2012

Psalm 22

My God, why has Thou forsaken me?  (thank You, Jesus, that You know what i feel)
But You are holy  (and You make me holy)
But I am a worm  (amazing grace that would save a worm like me)
But You are He...  (and there is no other)
But You, oh LORD, do not be far from me  (You are nearer still than i can ever know)
You have answered me.  (and Your answer is good.  i am grateful)
...declare His righteousness...that He has done this.  (may my life be spent in making You famous)
Those who seek Him will praise the Lord (seeking You yields praising You - may I seek You more)

You are good, my God.  Your Presence, Your Spirit, Your faithfulness, You.  Good.  May i ever long to know You more, may i never rest while i have the privilege of doing so, may i never take for granted the freshness of Your everlasting love, the persistence of Your devotion and the presumptuousness of Your grace for me.  And may i ever-seek that i may ever-praise You...there is no other response upon Your sacred revelation.  To You.

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