Friday, May 18, 2012

Psalm 15

Who may worship in your sanctuary, Lord?

I thank You, my great God, that You have drawn me to Yourself; that I may worship in Your sanctuary…that I am Your sanctuary. Because of Your sweet Presence, I desire to live a blameless life, to do what is right and to speak truth from a sincere heart – which is Yours to command. God, Your Holy Presence gives me a distaste for gossip, evil-speaking and harm; even a revulsion for sin. I recognize this comes from You and not me. Only by Your grace do I not want to take advantage of others. I thank You that You grant me the ability and the passion to honor You and Your followers, to keep my promises at whatever cost and that this is an unassailable life You provide. Only by You and only for You. I praise You and am so grateful to be part of Your plan.

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