Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Psalm 12

For the choir director: A psalm of David, to be accompanied by an eight-stringed instrument.

For some reason, the fact that this psalm magnifies our Lord's distaste for wickedness and oppression and that it has specific instructions on how it is to be played really struck me.  The concern for the loss of the godly and the intent of the pridefully deceiving and violent is to be "psalmed"  with an eight-stringed instrument.  A very particular approach.  For a specific person.  Kind of like the psalm's description.  The end result is to be beautiful.  This is for the choir director, after all.   It is not a private psalm in a personal scroll, only for the psalmist and God.  This is for the choir...  It will be worshipful, moving, uplifting.  It will display God in a unique and glorious way. 

God has a particular approach for a specific people group.  And His work with all things is glorious, making all things for the good of those who love Him and are called by His Name.  All creation testifies of God.  What God does brings Him accolades.  His actions on behalf of the hurting, the godly, the oppressed will provoke worship and glory ascribed to Him.  We will be moved and uplifted, if we choose to be a part of the choir. 

Oh, God, may I see the works of Your hands in this wicked world, may I recognize the purity of Your promises and fulfillment of Your precious words amidst the prevailing evil.  May I participate fully in the choir, accompanied by an eight-stringed instrument, which "psalms" Your praises, Your fame, Your majesty, Your faithfulness, Your glory, Your presence.  I thank You that I am part of Your very specific plans in this time.  May I be faithful to Your call.  May I be a psalmist of Your Name.

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