Monday, May 14, 2012

Psalm 11

I praise You Lord and Warrior God, that You do not change.  As bad as it was in this psalm, where the foundations of law and order had collapsed and the righteous felt impotent, You were still reigning, watching and examining.  You love justice and the virtuous will see Your face; You are still that same God.  And God, the righteous seem to choose impotence and passivity; but You are God.  You reign, You watch, You examine.  You know.  You are our Protection.  Teach us how to respond, what to do in these times.  We are followers; but we choose the wrong things to follow, blogs, shows, political agendas, sports, ......  May we be known as Followers of the Most High God, before our names are associated with any other thing. God, I pray that we would be more excited about what You are doing than with any season finale or new shows..  Let us know that we are most satisfied in You and You alone.  I ask that You would give us all, beginning with me, a most holy distaste for the things of this world, that we would recognize and embrace the True, the Real, the Holy.  Your Name not ours, Your fame not anothers, Your glory not man's, Your judgments not humanity's, Your pleasure not mine.  Soli Deo gloria.

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