Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Romans 8

Law of Sin and Death                              Law of Spirit and Life

                                                          No condemnation
  Sinful                                                Free from law of sin and death
  Condemned                                       Ransomed
  Minds on flesh                                   Minds on Spirit
  Death                                                Life and peace
  Hostile to God                                    Belongs to God
  Unable to obey                                   God dwells within
  Not pleasing to God                             (implied that we can please God)
  Body dead due to sin                           Spirit alive due to righteousness
  (receive death)                                   Will receive life through the Spirit
  Must die                                             Will live
  (led by flesh and sin)                           Led by God, Children of God
  Spirit of slavery and fear                      Spirit of adoption with a Daddy
                                                           Spirit confirming adoption
                                                               as children...which is
                                                               being an heir of God                                                                  (new meaning to being in 
                                                                                       God's will)
                                                               which is being a joint-heir
                                                                      with God's Son - Jesus
                                                           Suffering now/Incomparable glory
                                                                       to come
                                                             Foreknew, predestined, called,
                                                                        justified, glorified
                                                            God is for us
                                                            Christ intercedes for us                                                             Inseparable from Christ's love
                                                            Overwhelming conquerors

I don't know about anyone else; but I vote the Law of the Spirit and Life.  Only God could and would think like that!

The benefits are so huge; but after what He has done for us, why would He skimp on the rest?  In light of what He has done for me, why would I skimp on my devotion to Him?

God-Daddy, I thank You that I am not in trouble with You anymore and that You have freed me from the slave-shackles of sin and death.  I praise You for I am in Your exclusive jurisdiction where You have already paid for all of the cost of my criminal acts.  Just saying this reiterates that there is nothing I could have done to make this happen...only by Your power and wisdom.  Thank You so much.  Help me live in response to this Cinderella story where I went from being a sin-choked slave on death-row to being a princess of the King of the Universe.  You are so generous and gentle.  Help me to never behave like I am in trouble with me to live that way and to share my status with others...just as You have told me to do.  Help me to live the inseparable, incomparable life You have provided.

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