Saturday, January 8, 2011

Romans 2

...And a person with a changed heart seeks praise from God, not from people.

 The verdicts of earthlings hold such importance; but when I put it this way, I cannot help but giggle at the ludicrous notion of such dependence.  Or, being enslaved by such capricious beings, who themselves are addicted to the same.  The continual evidence of my heart-change or morph is that I will increasingly have a bent towards God's Word about me and my life and I will decreasingly be impacted or moved by what the world says.  

One completely superficial evidence I offer to the veracity of God's Word versus the World's is the fact the styles of the 80's are really returning.  Certainly, I can be strong in spirit and soul to resist that determination of the flesh and maintain a Godly and modest point of view/style.  The '80's weren't pretty the first time reason to think that grunge-reborn will be any better.

God, please keep my cardio-morph inclined towards You and Your very great purposes.  Help me to constantly desire my life to be informed by Your Word so that any information from others must stand up to You and not vice-versa.  Help me to live a life worthy of the extreme cost You paid for me to have it.

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