Monday, January 17, 2011

Romans 13

We are directed to give respect and honor, in addition to the taxes, revenue and obedience, where they are due to our governing authorities, love our neighbors as the fulfillment of the law, to behave put on the Lord Jesus Christ and to not consider how to satisfy our fleshly desires.  Bottom line was to love our neighbors as we love ourselves and to continue loving be vigilant with  love as love is a perpetual mortgage we must keep current.  The love is to be as the love Christ Jesus demonstrated and our participation is to  clothe ourselves with His qualities and to direct those towards our neighbors.

Do I consider that each person I encounter is one with whom I need to keep a current love account?  Do I behave in love and grace and truth with those I see each day?  Even the rude cashier at the local mega-mart?  What about the neighbors that I don't am I loving those far away?

God keeps His love account paid-in-full with me without fail, everyday.  Do I intend to do  follow His example and His command?

What plans do I make to keep paying on my debt?  How am I replenishing my supply of love...where am I spending my account?

Lord, help me to keep good and faithful accounts with love.  Help me to be diligent with spending myself on others and not on my comfort, satisfaction and desires. You have paid much for loving me, how can I not expend myself on You?  Let me see the neighbors as You do, let me love them rightly and graciously as You do, let me bring You glory as You deserve.

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