Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Acts 25

"For it seems absurd to me in sending a prisoner, not to indicate also the charges against him." 

To have a prisoner who has no charges which can be brought against him/her is a very difficult place to find oneself.  How can you keep a person in chains if there is no allegation against that one?

This comment from Festus made me think about what the enemy, the accuser of our souls does to us.  He charges us with all sorts of sins of activities and non-activities, thoughts and emotions, our past and future performance with the intent to condemn us to death.  The problem is the same as the one Festus faced, as believers we have Christ's righteousness.  Whatever the charges, they are not  valid against us.  Praise God and His amazingly loving plan!

Despite the freedom provided me, the charges are sometimes accepted by me as prosecutable.  The Just Judge, our Advocate and even the accuser know the charges are not right; but I can find for the plaintiff and bear the indictment.  I can hear the accusation, repeat the accusation and pretty soon, I am imprisoned by the accusation.  I must be careful what I say to myself, what I repeat, what I think on...lest I take on the accusation which has no hold on me.   When I hear that "you don't matter" or "you are invisible" or "you ____"; I must remind myself that he has no permission to speak to me - if I choose to entertain his comments, it is at my own risk that I do so.  My significance, authority and accountability  come from the One who made and saved me.

Glorious One, Lover of my Soul, please let me live and revel in the liberty You have provided.  Let me receive and believe only what You say to me - give me that keen insight to immediately distinguish Your voice from any other and to live with all I have based on Your words.  I praise you that I, too, am one who has charges that cannot result in death... allegations which have previously been accounted for.  I praise You for Your utter "previousness" in dealing with me.  What incomprehensible grace that You would take Your enemy and make her a daughter.  Help me to always maintain the conduct becoming Your child - in all the roles You have created me for, to the praise of Your very great and just Name.

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