Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Romans 14

...live, worship and serve in harmony, build each other up, love well and considerately...abide in righteousness, peace and joy...walk in faith...

We are really supposed to get along with others believers; to edify them and conduct ourselves in such a way that others do not stumble in their walks in faith. 

This is easy for those that I like...those like me ...but what about the others?  Would the Lord Jesus Christ say I am living for Him and not acting contemptuously towards another?  Do I restrain myself from those things which I know cause confusion or someone to get stuck?  What about the shows I watch?  The places I eat?  The jokes I laugh at?  The way I drive?  The patience I display or deny?  The clothes I wear and how I wear them?  Am I secure enough in Christ that I can do or not do all things for Him and not myself or for mere show?  How will I work to grow in Christ this week?

Precious Master, I thank You for keeping our relationship in place.  I struggle to not be stuck, sometimes...I pray that You help me to not contribute to others becoming stuck and being mired in the muck of my judgment on these issues.  let my life be one of freedom...one that invites rather than condemns...which causes others to marvel at Your great love and the liberty You provide. 

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