Friday, January 14, 2011

Romans 10


In other translations, the word  "disappointed" is written as "disgraced" or "put to shame".   The word  is used elsewhere in Matthew to describe what Peter began to do just before the cock crowed, (...Then he began to curse and swear, "I do not know the man !" And immediately a rooster crowed.)  

The NAS New Testament Greek Lexicon elaborates on the meaning in the following way:
    • to dishonor, disgrace
    • to put to shame, make ashamed
    • to be ashamed, blush with shame
    • one is said to be put to shame who suffers a repulse, or whom some hope has deceived
The last portion, "whom some hope has deceived", strikes me with the thought that whoever puts their trust in Christ will not be shamed by the deception of  that same hope, ever.   Matthew's reference uses it as a cursing.  So, I, for example, will not be cursed by putting my trust or hope in Christ for that belief will not yield revilement, reproach, or rejection by proving deceptive in the end.  The hope is true.  Trust in that is valid...the expectation will be delivered.

Rather than experiencing the epic fail, I gain the epic acceptance in Christ.

Somehow, I times...I behave as if this is not true...I don't always react in obvious belief of the promise to not be shamed, rejected or embarrassed.  Sometimes, I don't know how to respond...especially in familial situations where what I know about the folks does cause a governing on my mouth.  But I do, why the disconnect?

Sovereign Lord, I know that I will be received by You for the One in Whom I put my trust is Faithful and True.  I don't want to not include anyone in this promise...especially not those that I do love and share relationship with.  Please help me to be forthright with the very Good News.  Please give me discernment with regard to whom I should speak and what I should say.  I know that not everyone will be saved; but I do know that You want none to be lost.  Let me err on the side of everyone saved rather than some lost.  Only You know the elect.  Keep me from concern about what others think of in what You have said and me to make the most of every opportunity You allow me to the praise of Your very great Name.

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