Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hebrews 1

Jesus is God's message, His designated Heir, World-Maker, Glory's Radiance, True to God, Upholder, Power, Sin-Purifier, Finisher of His Work, Excellent Name, God's Son, the Begotten of God, The Firstborn, Worthy of Worship by God's Angels, Enthroned, Eternal in Reign, Righteous Power, Righteousness-Lover,  Lawlessness-Loather, God-Anointed, Gladness-Anointed, Anointed Above All, Present at the beginning,  Terra-Firma-Foundation Layer, Master Designer of Heavens, Perpetual and Enduring, Heavens' Keeper, The Same, Without End, Invited by God relax in regal honor, has enemies, Triumphant, Over enemies.

This is what God the Father speaks of Jesus. 

I am so struck by how much God says of Jesus in just this one grouping of words.  He's God, Jesus is God, the Holy Spirit is God.  And God the Father spends this passage on describing His Son.  

If He, Who is His Equal, says this much, how much more should I be saying and thinking and dreaming?  and after this, I am nearly speechless...

Praise You Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

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