Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Psalm 97

The heavens declare His righteousness...
Lord, how do they?  Since that's what they are proclaiming, how can I not understand?  In the heavens I see Your power, creativity, majesty, glory, faithfulness, goodness, beauty, passion.  Reminders of Your grace and provision, creation and ascension, manna and Your soon-returning, promises made and promises kept; but I am at a loss for righteousness.  Not that I doubt it; but I don't make the connection...unless it's Your righteousness is found in the sum of these very components.  Please teach me more, reveal more of Yourself to me that I may know and serve You better.

...And all the peoples see His glory.
God-glory is surely visible to all people.  Thank You for eyes to see and Your Spirit in me that I may comprehend.  Mercy comes from You.

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