Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Psalm 111

He has paid a full ransom for His people. He has guaranteed His covenant with them forever....He always remembers His covenant.  What a holy, awe-inspiring Name He has!

That's my God, do ya know Him?!  Oh, my God, the psalmist didn't know the whole story.  If back then they thought You had paid a full ransom for Your people, what would they think now?  Thank You Lord God, that You, full of power and majesty and omni-omni'd qualities would choose to pay anything for your people.  What a statement.  What love.  I thank You for Your divine Guarantee, for Your ever-remembering, for Your grace poured out on a roughly-hewn cross in my stead.  Your names, as Your praise, are endless; but today (as always), I am particularly grateful You are Mine and I am Yours.

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