Saturday, August 4, 2012

Psalm 93

Reigns, majesty, strength, enrobed, enthroned, established, everlasting, immovable (steadfast), mighty, creator, on high, decree-giver, communicator, trustworthy, holiness, forevermore.

God, fill my mind and my imagination with these attributes of You today. Holy Spirit, remind me of these qualities that I may worship more genuinely in response to the revelation You have given me. Rewire my American brain to comprehend the gloriousness, the majesty, the power, the respect, appropriate reaction and service, the unilateral-ness of a divine Monarch. May I live today today in a manner worthy of Your creation, Your servant, Your daughter. Not by my abilities, nor by my offering; but by Your grace and empowering strength. You are worthy of the most sincere response of my soul.

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