Monday, August 20, 2012

Psalm 109

Thank You God for showing me how important words are.  I can praise You; but do I really make that a focused effort for my mouth? 

Being silent.  Slander, lies, accusations.  Praying.  Cursing versus blessing.  The wicked speak evil and horrible things and finagle guilty verdicts against the psalmist.  Passionate cries from the writer to the Lord God for rescue based on the reputation of God (the things said of Him) fill the body of the passage.  Promising repeated thanks and rejoicing for the God-intervention,  the author praises God with his last lines.  Even though all he's done is present his case to God, the man with the pen has shifted from his situation to His God.  and the praise flows.

Father, help me look at You in the terrible times and not just at the terrible.  May my voice, my words my cries be ever-thanking and always praising You; for You are worthy and You deserve no less.   Your Name sake is all that's on the line - when I remember that, praise flows.  You are the Creator, I am the created.  I praise You.

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