Thursday, August 2, 2012

Psalm 91

God declares, "I will be with him in trouble..."

He will not remove me from trouble, He will not teach me about trouble and send me on, He will not leave me to trouble and meet on the other side; but He will be with me in trouble.  I will be with Him when trouble is around me.  This comforts me today.  Trouble is a faithful presence in the world; yet, He is more faithful, more present, more powerful.  He wants to go with me through the trouble.  It will not be too much for Him, it will not overwhelm Him, it will not.  And He goes with me.  Lord God, help me to stay close to You at all times.  May trouble prove a good instructor for me that I abide closer than ever to You.  In your shadow, under Your wing, holding fast to You in love; because You have me.

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