Friday, August 17, 2012

Psalm 106

Who can list the glorious miracles of the Lord?      Who can ever praise Him enough?  ... Save us, O Lord our God!  ...  so we can thank Your holy Name and rejoice and praise You.

Two things, my Lord.  I could never, all of humanity could never, even throughout all time, we could never list Your glorious miracles nor praise You enough.  Never.  Yet, You allow us the time, the opportunity and the privilege to praise You, to apply ourselves to the amazing obligation of expressing our love and awe of You.  Wow.  Thank You.  Even when 'thank You' seems so small.  Then, God, we beg You to save us, so we can thank You and be joyful in You.  What are we thinking?  You are faithful, ever-consistent and God.  How dare we, me.  You have done too much in creation.  Approving the debt we can never reduce, never address, never fully comprehend, You have gone too far in love - and still You went there.  Despite the fact I am only consistent in my need of You, my fallibility and my biddability by the world; You brought me and bought me into Your divine home, Your sacred family, Your exquisite Name.  Thank You for Your attention and provision in the face of my unfaithful gratitude, inconsistent joy and rebellious will.  You are grander than my mind can consider, more loving than I deserve or imagine and authoritative over all.  Thank You for being You.  You are good, great and grandest of all.

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