Saturday, April 2, 2011

Revelation 7

As the innumerable multitudes worship before the throne and the Lamb, wisdom and thanksgiving are added to the chorus of praise.  Then one of the elders begins talking about those that were coming out of the great tribulation.  

The additional attributes of wisdom and gratitude preceding this discussion cause me to consider the "wiseness" of God in the tribulation and that it would yield  gratefulness.  I have never framed the tribulation with wisdom.  But God does not do dumb stuff.

Thank You Lord for Your wisdom in all things.  You are always worthy of thanksgiving; but thank You for Your grace in showing me  in the most difficult times You are Wise.  I thank You for the palm branches in Heaven.  I thank You for the white robes everyone wears.  I wonder what white is really like in Your Realm.

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