Friday, April 29, 2011

Genesis 4

At that time people began to call upon the name of the LORD.  

How could this happen?  Was shame, fear, pride, anger or grief getting in the way of reaching out to the LORD with the language He had given them?  

Through the sin, the curse, the exile, the murder of one son and the banishment the other, no one called on the Name of the LORD.  How did Eve survive this without calling on her Creator?  How could Adam carry on without calling on his First Love?

Only when a grandchild is born do people begin to call on Him.  

What opportunities am I barely surviving without calling on the Name of the LORD?  What do I think I must endure without God?  My life is nothing like Eve's; but I still live in a big, sinful world.  I must choose to call on my LORD at every opportunity.  Not just the big heartbreaks, the "I had it coming" situations, the loss of innocence, status, position or family members.  I, also, must not wait until I feel His favor again.  I must call on the Name of my LORD always.

Lord, You are never far from me, no matter what the circumstances hold.  I praise You for Your faithfulness and loving kindness, even in the face of grim consequences or joyful additions.  You never change despite how volatile my predicaments may be.  I thank You and trust You and LORD, I call on Your Name, a Name worthy of all praise and adoration and worship.  I thank You that You hear me.

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