Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Revelation 11

God's two spokesmen were on the job until God's wisdom determined their time was up.  He alone is in charge of life and death.  How can I be afraid to do anything for the Lord when He holds my life and death.  No one can take them, no one can return them save God alone.  

Oh Father, Your words are life.  Thank You for Your attention.  Sovereign King of the Universe, that I could be as fearless for You as these two precious prophets - I thank You for their example and lesson.  I understand there is nothing dangerous with You for nothing endangers You or Your plan.  It is only You.  Please let me get this and be intrepid for You and Your fame's sake.  I would rather die in a blaze of Your glory than chew the cud of security only to exit with You being anonymous.  And, please, strengthen these two in their time of prophecy that they may feel Your favor and grace on them. 

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