Sunday, April 24, 2011

John 21

Jesus directs the disciples to cast their fishing net on the other side of the boat in order to make their catch.  He calls them children.  The direction is obeyed and many fish are captured.  Peter recognizes his Master, quickly dons his non-fishing attire and jumps into the sea.

My challenges are:

Where am I fishing like crazy and catching nothing?  Physically and spiritually, speaking.  

What is my response to God when He tells me what to do?  Immediate, humble, rebellious, procrastinate, grumbling, argumentative, half-heartedly, etc.  Do I believe Him in that instruction?

Jesus called them children and told them what to do.  They needed to obey like children do when given instruction from an authority figure.  They did.  Do I?  Do I want the big picture, the fuller explanation, the whole scene play-out before I move?  If so, that is not childlike obedience.  Pretty sure that Jesus wants me to respond as a child more than a reasoning and combative adult.

Do I expect obedience to yield great results?  Am I prepared to accommodate the yield from a harvest of compliance?  Only His direction will lead to a harvest of quality and worth. 

When I am aware of where Jesus is working, how ready am I to get ready and dive into the sea to get to Him?  What delays or distractions do I allow to keep me from His presence everyday?  Peter sank last time he went through water to get to Jesus.  How fearful am I of messing up?  How much pride will I allow to keep me from jumping in deep?  How much baggage do I tote around that will keep me from jumping in quickly?  How light do I travel so I can be ready in all seasons to draw nearer to my Lord?

I can choose to keep my eye on a great work or on Christ.  For what do I wish to be known?  How willing am I to let go of everything to pursue Christ?  Even the very thing in my hand at that moment?

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