Friday, April 1, 2011

Revelation 6

The first seal dispatches a white horse and a rider with a bow and a crown who goes out conquering and to conquer.  The next sends a red horse and rider with a great sword to take peace from the earth. ... The fifth seal reveals those faithful martyrs.

Each seal introduces a new circumstance - even though the Lord is LORD over all and the victory is His.  But our God does not fast-forward anything in His plan.  Each seal must be unsealed, each part must be played, each victory must be accomplished, each faithful one must choose to walk faithfully and even die faithfully.

God is Worthy to have each part played out to the fullest extent.  Despite the terrible and awesome nature of each seal's effect, God is worthy.  And God is trustworthy.

Mysterious and All-Powerful Yahweh, I cannot comprehend this passage.  I don't know enough, I can't imagine enough, I can't think of how John lived his life beyond this revelation.  I bet You and he had a lot of conversation on this.  But this I do know is that You are the Victor, You are the Prize, You are Worthy and You alone are capable of fulfilling what You say.  I praise You.  Please help me fully play out the small part You have given me for the time You have entrusted to me.  You are Worthy.  That's all there is to the matter.  You = Worthy.  Let me live that out and bring You glory.

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  1. He is the Worthy One and we the followers, to learn and share for others,that is the path we must stay on.