Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Genesis 1

God spoke light into creation and separated the light from the darkness.  God called the light "Day" and the darkness 'Night.'  Purpose: Day and Night.

God arranged the waters and introduced 'Heaven.'  He made lights to give light, separate the light from darkness and for signs, seasons and time.  All the green plants were to be food for all the creatures.  Even man was made for a purpose.  Nothing was superficial, extraneous, wasted nor made for itself.  All purposeful creations from His holy intentions.

<A Savior isn't needed in this world.  Not yet.  Can you imagine?>

Fast forward, sin debuts and seemingly wrests the God-given authority away from man.  Now, the lights are not just for separating light and darkness, they are used to romance the Darkness through fortunetellers and astrology.  Night is now as a time for lawlessness.  The living creatures are more treasured, esteemed and worshiped than their Divine Creator; except the ones made in the image of the Creator.  Green plants no longer suffice much for the creatures who have the breath of life.  Mosquitoes, abortionists and serial killers, (I will ignore the extreme similarities between the last two examples and allow them to remain as distinct samples), exemplify the corruption of that pure purpose.

Man corrupts what he touches.  It's his nature.  That even the very creation of God could be used for sin by God's own image is unfathomable.  The creations don't choose to be useful for sin; man redefines their purpose, employs the creation in the redefined manner and sin happens.

God created good and very good.  Man begat sin, darkness begats Darkness and evil, stars begat "wisdom" and light for life, man begats sinners and so on.  Same creation, different purposes.

God, You are good and what You do is good.  Help me to cooperate with Your Holy purposes rather than to rearrange the purpose and priority of my life to suit my very greedy, needy, prideful, self-loving self.  Please help me to remember that You are the Creator and all creation is Yours that I might not redefine Your purposes to accommodate my ego, comfort or leisure.  Help me steward and steward well the part of Your creation which You have entrusted to me.  You say and it is so.  Make it so, Lord, make it so.


  1. Amen, that is a great prayer, thanks for sharing:)