Thursday, April 21, 2011

John 18

Jesus stands, being judged and His response is, "Examine My record, talk to those who heard Me. "  His actions and words would be His defense.

Peter stands, three times he's examined and his response is, "#*%!@$, NO!  I don't know Him." He does not want the response his actions and words may bring.

The religiosity stand, when asked what charges they bring against Jesus, they hedge with, "We wouldn't waste your time, He's a bad guy."  They attempt to cover their actions with their words.

Words and actions.  Very powerful things.  Not only does speech and work reflect my life and passions, they testify to my God, of my God and for my God.  Oh, that I would live such a life that my words and accomplishments could be my defense.  I know that I have had reactions much like Peter's; but I never want to do that again.  

Lord, I thank You for Your grace in forgiveness.  Please cultivate in me that desire for holiness that I would ever live with a walk and talk which matches Your example.  May I glorify You in word, thought and deed so that I don't even need to be "examined" by others; my life would be obviously Yours.  I also pray for all the religious leaders and Jewish people who are deceived by words and actions.  May they come to know You as the Messiah You are, may they receive Your gift of grace and forgiveness, may they know their need and find You have always been the Answer.  May Your Light continue to dispel darkness all over the world.


  1. Yes, may we always allow the Messiah to shine through us. May we always pray for any who don't know You. The old saying "actions speak louder than words" says mountain's doesn't it.

  2. Miawa, You are so right. Actions always demonstrate what is in our hearts, passions and priorities.