Friday, July 27, 2012

Psalm 85

Thank You Jesus, Truth has come from the earth as death was defeated by You.   Your supreme and ever-sufficient sacrifice yields the divine righteousness we could not attain yet desperately need.  In You, flawless and faithful love is superbly married to absolute and accomplished verity.  You are Peace and Righteousness, Love and Truth, God and Man, Sacrifice and Savior, Lord Jesus.  And You are for me.  I am awed and so grateful.  No words exist to adequately convey what You have done for me and my response.  I pray that my life will begin to reflect my gratitude, as all eternity could and should be spent in response to Your grace to me.  I thank You.  And that You would continue to provide me salvation that I may not return to my foolish ways.  O, Lord Jesus, please help me to recognize the tricks and lies of the enemy, the snares which are set to capture Your children, the ridiculousness of living in any way apart from You.  May I embrace Your words, model Your example and live in Holy Spiritual response to such temptations and falseness that Your glory will fill the land and that I would be free.  Only by Your hand, Your grace and Your Spirit, only for Your Name, Your Kingdom and Your purpose.  Lord, may I honor You today.

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