Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Psalm 62

My salvation and my honor depend on God ...

Lord, it is a simple matter to trust You with my life, my salvation.  You are trustworthy and Your love is unfailing.  Oh, Father, how I struggle with the honor portion.  Yet this is where the living to You and dying to me is played out - how I actually trust You with my props, my reputation, my "name" - my honor.  I am sad that this is still an area where You must deal with me.  God, help me not to love me so much; that I may be freed to love You more - more responsively, more audaciously, more publicly, more genuinely.  Help me learn the art of self-forgetfulness.  Make me a better reflection of You - which really means I have to get out of the picture frame.  Oh, to know You and love You more.  Please make it so, Holy Spirit.  Grant me no rest, (even as I wish to rest now), as You cultivate that which will yield a life well-given to You.

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