Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Psalm 61

… lead me to the rock that is higher than I …

Holy Spirit, You Who teaches and reminds me of all things, Who gives me counsel, Who guides me into all truth, I thank You for Your faithful presence in my life and mind. Please, Holy Spirit, lead me out of myself and my affinity for the physical, the visible, the tangible; that I may recognize the Kingdom at hand. This world, my flesh and my reactions want to exalt the here and now; but in doing that, I will miss that higher place, the realm of eternality and Kingdom participation. I will choose the graspable rather than the attainable, if You do not lead me to the beyond-me, the divine cliff which sees and surveys from the sacred perspective. Remind me that I do not come to a Brobdingnagian terminus; rather a rock that is higher than I. I do not want to be defined, fettered and boundaried by this world. I want You. I choose Your path. Lead me. Take me. away from me.

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