Saturday, June 30, 2012

Psalm 58

Ironic that this is a Miktam of David according to “Do Not Destroy” and it’s about the annihilation and the foot-in-the-blood-bathe of the wicked.  
I appreciate irony.

Lord God, according to Your perfect holiness, what David please to have happen to the wicked is what should happen to all of Your creation. Only by Your grace, Your wisdom, Your generosity and Your blood can any of us be seen as righteous. My breath is stopped as I contemplate the majesty and extravagant grace You show us, me. And somehow, this brings You best glory. You, not sparing Your Own Son, that we may be – that I may be spared…my heart is all aflutter. Somehow, I manage to neglect the vast weight of this as I go about my life. Please, Holy Spirit, I want to remember and live as a faithful slave to the Most Noble and Only Wise Sovereign King – help me. Whether it’s a revelation or a reminder I need or whatever, please, don’t let me stray from the Cross…where You, my Christ and Messiah, bathed in blood, brought great reward for the unrighteous. May my life bring reward for You (not that You need or lack; but that You are worthy!).

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