Saturday, June 9, 2012

Psalm 37

refrain from madness - forgo anger - decide ahead of time to not go the way of being angry or being passively angered.  Lord, if i truly valued Your sacred priorities above mine, i wouldn't need to forgo indignation, irateness nor wrath.  Until the time that i walk so closely with You, I need Your Spirit to keep me from the lure of lividity, outrage and fury - keep me from withdrawing, shutting down or responding in kind, Holy Keeper, that i may better display Your work.  Let Your divine, Christ-mind dwell richly in me, that my reactions and choices reflect Your perfection and purposes. 

Trust + well-doing = dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.
hope in the Lord = inherit the land.
the meek = inherit the land
those the Lord blesses = inherit the land
Turn from evil and do good = dwell in the land forever
The righteous = inherit the land & dwell in it forever.
Hope in the Lord & keep his way = He will exalt you to inherit the land
The salvation of the righteous comes from the Lord; He is their stronghold in time of trouble.

God, You say to hope & trust in You, keep Your way, turn from evil and do good, be meek, position myself to be blessed, receive and operate in Your righteousness ... all these things yield tremendous favor from You - even though they are a reasonable response to the very great grace-gift You have given me.  But You give blessing beyond the salvation.  I praise You.  God, I want to inherit, to dwell and to enjoy the land.  I don't even comprehend what being exalted to the point of inheritance means; but if You have it for me, I desire it.  I love that, while I don't understand fully what You mean  with these promises, You will me land from Your hand and that You are my Stronghold, my Mighty Fortress, my Everlasting Tower on the land of promise.  Grant me vision, bestow the percipience, allow me to apprehend the inheritable that I may ever-dwell safely, enjoying and fully inhabiting that which You have assigned to me in and through You, alone.  No One; but You.

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