Monday, June 11, 2012

Psalm 39

Even in the depths of anguish, the psalmist knows to Whom to make his plea. In despairing of his own abilities, wealth and satisfaction of life, he reminds himself that his hope is in the Lord. In his misery, he does not stray from God nor does he focus on any one else; he pours out to the Lord expectantly. His mood and circumstances do not seem to have been modified by the end of this pleading; yet he has spoken, remembered and cried out. He has removed it from his custody and assigned it to God. 

Lord, even when grief is weightier than I can bear, the near and far unknown tempt me to despair, life and emotional pressures stay intense, inequity calls for recompense ~ I know I can remember You, Whose word is alive and always true, the Creator of all creation, the One whose victory is won, the Author and Finisher of my faith, in Your Presence I can bathe, assured and reminded that You are love and good … and I may go on, with You, as I should. In You I can trust, and in You I must. I praise You…even when ……

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