Monday, June 25, 2012

Psalm 53

I am that fool.  I am undone when I consider that You, o Lord God have taken me as Yours, that You have caused me to seek You, to desire You, to grant me the privilege of knowing You.  You have paid for the fool and made her Your daughter.  How can I choose anything apart from You?  Please, Holy Spirit, don't allow me peace when I practice self-glorification. Jesus, my Lord and my Savior, please help me to follow You, Your priorities to determine mine, Your passions to inflame me, Your love to guide and strengthen me.  May I not be deterred or distracted from the life You have paid richly for me to live.  May I bring You glory, honor, praise, love, me.  everyday.  I praise You that You Who chose me can keep me captivated in You.  Please, have Your glorious and divine way with me. 

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